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Research Experience of Stem Cells in Europe Society

R.E.S.C.U.E. Society

Mission Statement:

R.E.S.C.U.E. aims at promoting the advancement of European research and education in stem cell biology, especially by encouraging communication among members of its constituent society.

The Society plans to achieve it's aims by dissemination of information using various sources:

Current : Web site publication of (meeting notes, public education, history of stem cells), European focused articles, web site announcements of Society publications, and making available power point presentations and hard copy booklet of series of "Stem Cells for All";

Annual R.E.S.C.U.E. meeting: To organise Annual European stem cell meetings, which are focused on the topics of cutting edge of stem cell biology of the year;
Connection: To build up and maintain effective communication amongst European Stem Cell Biologists;

Survey: To collect information through the conduction of surveys, such as: How many stem cell biologists are in Europe? How many stem cell entities are active in Europe? Who supports stem cells research financially? What is new in Europe in the field of regenerative medicine?

Competition: Who displays the best poster?


Courses and workshops: To support advanced courses in stem cell biology, to facilitate the understanding of European guidelines aimed at defining training requirements and rules of GLP/GTP (Good Laboratory /Tissue Practices) for receiving certificate to practice clinical grade of stem cells; supporting workshops focused on methods and technology of stem cell biology;

Support of a Federal Institution for the initiation of a European stem cell federal organisation with divisions on basic biology, development of tools, tissue engineering, development of therapeutic, ethical and legal issues;
Society journal: Publishing a society journal;
Establishment of Fellowships to provide bursaries to enable young scientists to attend stem cell meetings.


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